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CUSA Tryout Registration​



Tryout registration is open. 

Fee information is here.

Tryouts in Ohio are taking a different form this year.

Players must register for tryouts in order to receive an offer from CUSA.

Even if you are already a CUSA player you must register above in order to be eligible to receive an offer for the 2021 season.

On May 26th, CUSA are permitted, and will do so, to offer current existing CUSA players, spots on a CUSA team for the 2021 season.


If you are a player from outside of CUSA but are not currently registered to an Ohio South Competitive club, then you may also receive an offer on May 26th. 

On May 29th CUSA may offer spots for the 2021 season to ANY player regardless of what club, if any, they are currently registered with.

Q: Why are the tryout procedures being changed?

A: Given the current Ohio Department of Health restrictions on Mass Gatherings, the Ohio South BOD wanted to develop tryout protocols that will permit clubs, teams, players, and parents a process for moving forward towards the 2020-2021 season.


Q: What happens if the Ohio Department of Health loosens their restrictions on Mass Gatherings and clubs are permitted to hold physical tryouts? Do the new recommendations still apply?


A: Should the Ohio Department of Health loosen their restrictions on Mass Gatherings to the point that clubs are permitted to physically host tryouts, the Ohio South BOD’s will review its tryout recommendations and amend accordingly.  


If you have any questions please contact the relevant Age Group Director, below, to arrange a time to come out and train with us:


U7-U10 (Academy) Rob Hoover: [email protected]

U11-U12 Director, Dave Crowley: [email protected]

U13-U14 Director, Matt Schmidt: [email protected]

U15-U19 Director, Nick Kinder: [email protected]

Goalkeeping Director, Graham Sachtleben: [email protected]

New to CUSA?


If you are not currently playing for CUSA but would like to tryout, why not visit our Skills Page and send us a video of you performing one of the skills.


Also, tell us:

1)What club and team you play for.

2)Why you want to play for CUSA.

Please email this information to:

U7-U10 (Academy) Rob Hoover: [email protected]org
U11-U12 Director, Dave Crowley: [email protected]org
U13-U14 Director, Matt Schmidt: [email protected]org
U15-U19 High School Director, Nick Kinder: [email protected]org
Goalkeeper Director Graham Sachtleben: [email protected]

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Contact Us

Who can I contact if I have questions?

For more information please contact:

Academy (U7-U10) Rob Hoover [email protected]

U11-U12 Dave Crowley [email protected]

U13-U14 Matt Schmidt [email protected]

U15-U19 Nick Kinder [email protected]

Director of Goalkeeping Graham Sachtleben [email protected]

Recreational Programs  Daniel Brandmeyer [email protected]

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