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Grant Knight named CUSA Community Outreach Director
Posted Oct 8, 2018

CUSA Coach Grant Knight promoted to ADOC of Community Outreach

We are very please to annouce that 5 year CUSA Heach Coach Grant Knight has accepted a position as CUSA's Director of Community Outreach.  Grant is an USSF "A" licensed coach who also is an Assistant Soccer coach at Cedarville University.  Grant has a personal interest in Community Outreach and we are fortunate to have someone of his caliber and passion to lead this new CUSA program.


We are looking for parent volunteers who might be interested in serving on a steering committee to help drive this program.  If you are interested in helping with this program (see additional details below) please email Grant at [email protected]

Introducing CUSA Access:  A Community Outreach Project

CUSA Access is a program to extend opportunities for kids to play soccer at the level that best meets their desire, skills, and abilities regardless of the their families socioeconomic background or circumstances.   The goal is to make access to all levels of our soccer programs equal for every kid (despite his or her individual family circumstances) in the communities we serve.  This program brings together corporate partners and existing and prospective CUSA families to provide the logistical and financial support required to allow all children, to participate on an equal footing in CUSA soccer programs at all levels.

Prospective players will be paired with volunteer sponsor families.  Sponsor families agree to work with the prospective player family and others on the team to build a support network to help make sure the prospective player can fully participate and engage his or her team as any other player.  For example Sponsor families may help provide a transportation logistics system to insure that the player can attend all practices and games. 

Prospective player families must agree to contribute a minimum of 10% of program fees and uniform costs to participate plus provide a number of service hours to the club as determined by the program committee.

Corporate Partners will be recruited to provide funding to extend this program to the maximum number of prospective families. Government Grants and financial contributions from CUSA families, and periodic fundraisers will be used to supplement these funds and extend the reach of the program. CUSA will absorb the balance of any uncovered program expenses through application of general program revenue.

Initially this program will focus on Centerville and Washington Township residents to ease the challenge of logistical support. Once successfully established with participation in the range of 50-100 served families we will begin work on extending this program to the wider Dayton Community. Future expansion of the program to serve a larger geographic base will require waivers from the CWPD on program residency requirements.

This one program is designed to simultaneously achieve several key CUSA goals, including;

  • Help accomplish our non-profit mission of providing soccer opportunities to all members of the communities we serve including those who are underprivileged.
  • Engage our existing family and player base in accomplishment of this mission – teaching community responsibility that is a key part of our player development mission
  • Expand our player and club diversity
  • Expand our player numbers to form a larger pool to develop better top teams
  • Provide a community development component for our corporate partnership program, helping us raise funds that will benefit needy children and families in our community 

CUSA Soccer Staff