CUSA Soccer

What is a Player Profile?

In order to be successful in playing an expansive, brave, creative and intelligent style of soccer, players must be able to handle certain roles and responsibilities and must possess distinct qualities and characteristics.

These are known as player profiles.

To play proficiently in certain positions and to fit in to the team effectively, players must understand, adapt and strive to 'complete' their player profile for their individual position or positions.

A very crude example of this wold be that a winger (#7/11) would not typically be a slow, uncreative player with poor mastery of the ball.

Instead, a winger is typically fast, tricky, extremely creative, brilliant 1v1 and has great control of the ball.

These are the 'technical' components of his player profile.

There are also 'tactical' components, both in and out of possession that a winger must worry about if he is to truly master his position and be an integral part of his coach's thinking.

Tactically, a winger must provide width to his team in possession, know the right time to lose his width and attack in on goal and understand his defensive responsibilities in relation to the players around him.

CUSA have a very particular and distinct way of playing and training.

We are brave and courageous on the ball, technically we are exceptionally strong, producing players that are extremely comfortable with the ball at their feet and we develop tactically smart players who recognise overloads, the opportunity to switch the ball and the right time to play out of the back.

In order to help our young players, understand their roles and contributions to the team better, we have put together a player profile document, below, for all positions on the field which fits perfectly with our style of play, our CUSA DNA.

Players that are serious about developing, pushing for top team spots or keeping their first team positions should learn and understand these player profiles on their own time, and bring this knowledge to practice and games.

Questions on the player profiles can always be put to coaches at practice.

Player Profiles - Goal Keeper (#1).

Player Profiles - Centreback (#4/5).

Player Profiles - Fullbacks (#2/3).

Player Profiles - Holding Midfielder (#6).

Player Profiles - Attacking Midfielder (#8/10).

Player Profiles - Winger (#7/11).

Player Profiles - Striker (#9).