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Registration is NOW OPEN for the

Program Dates: April 1st, 2019 - May 25th, 2019
Program Fees: $70 per player - Ages 8-14


Why CUSA Recreational Soccer League?

CUSA has introduced a series of year round recreational soccer programs in response to what we see is a need for a better focus on individual player development in recreational youth soccer. Most of the recreational soccer leagues in the area exclusively use parent volunteer coaches with little to no training and support. They may not have even played the sport prior to being asked to coach a team, just so their son or daughter would be able to play. This is an unfortunate reality with many recreational sports programs, especially in soccer.

CUSA has decided that this is not in the best interest of either the players or the sport of soccer in the United States, so we have decided to introduce a program that takes a hybrid approach to the training of our recreational youth soccer players.

We are partnering up our paid, professional soccer coaching staff with each of the volunteer coaches to ensure that all players, regardless of which team they are assigned to, have the ability to receive age appropriate training every week in activities led by our training staff and implemented by their coaches in a group setting.

Games will be held on Saturdays, and they will be primarily located at Oak Grove Park. We are looking to partner with other local recreational programs to play friendly games with teams from their organizations, so there may be some local travel to neighboring communities for a small number of games.

This will allow players to experience playing other recreational teams from around the area without having to commit to a more extensive competitive travel soccer program.

What does your program include?

CUSA Recreational Soccer League is unique to the Dayton area.

Instead of all player training being done at random parks in the area, led by volunteer coaches who may not have had access to any formal training or lesson plans, all age levels will have a weekly group practice session led by our team of certified, paid trainers.

Each practice will see your player's coach work with the same training methods and materials that our coaches use with our competitive teams.

The practices will be led by our experienced training staff in partnership with your player's volunteer coach to ensure that all players are receiving age and skill level appropriate instruction to ensure their development as both a team and as an individual soccer player.

By ensuring that all players have access to the same professional training, your players will have a more enjoyable experience.

With an emphasis on all players getting more touches on the ball, players will have more opportunities to grow as an individual player and a team member.

Your registration fees include new uniform jerseys each season, all trainer fees, all referee fees, and Ohio South Youth Soccer Associaion (OSYSA) and US Youth Soccer membership fees.

You will be expected to provide the soccer boots, shin guards, black soccer socks that cover the shin gards, black shorts, and a positive attitude to learn and have fun!

I would like to be a volunteer coach for my child's team. Can I get training, too?

ABSOLUTELY! You can start by taking the FREE Introduction to Grassroots Coaching course online at the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center.

We also offer tuition reimbursement to our volunteer coaches who take the age appropriate Grassroot Coaching courses before or during the season they are coaching.

Most of these courses are offered both online and in person. If you are interested in these programs and would like more information, please contact our Director of Coaching for more information.

What about referees?

CUSA is also excited to announce that we will be using paid USSF Certified referees for all of our games. This will help our coaches and players to have consistent, high quality referees. We worked with the Ohio South State Referee Committee to reintroduce the USSF Grade 9 Recreational Youth Referee certification back to Southern Ohio.

This program allows new, young referees to learn the game from the perspective of the officials and give them a chance to earn money while doing something they enjoy. By starting their journey into officiating at the recreational level, they can learn how to be a referee in a lower pressure environment and still have a defined path to grow into higher levels of officiating if they choose.

The USSF Referee Certification program is not only recognized by CUSA and OSSRC, but it is also recognized by both the national SAY and AYSO organizations and in many cases can be used as an equivalent certification in their programs as well.

Grade 9 Referee Classes are offered a few times a year. More information can be found here.

We hope to see you out on the pitch this spring!