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Great Coaching equals Great Players

At the core of CUSA's belief system is that, however you look at it, the coaches have the biggest impact on the quality of the development of players under their care.

All things being equal, it is the coaching in a young player's life that can make the difference between being good and being the best.

That is why, as a club, CUSA not only looks for and recruits the very best coaches we can find, but we invest heavily in terms of money and time in their Coaching Education.

Once a coach joins CUSA, their education and development is paramount because any improvements in the coaching will be directly felt by the players themselves.

CUSA invests a lot in coaching education as we truly believe that it is one of the best and most proven ways to directly affect the development of a young soccer player.

Our Director of Coaching, Paddy King, working with CUSA Coaches at an Educational Session.

Our commitment to coaching excellence is clear to see from the calibre and quality of the coaching staff that we hire and from the sheer volume of educational components that we provide to our coaches by virtue of being CUSA coaches.

Our staff are amongst the most highly licensed, experienced and educated coaches in the country with;

  • US Soccer A and B licensed coaches on staff.

  • US Youth licensed coaches on staff.

  • Conmebol and UEFA licensed coaches on staff.

  • United Soccer Coaches Premier Diploma holders on staff.

  • Holders of Masters Degrees in Coaching on staff.

  • Coerver certified instructors on staff.

  • Our staff coaches are also amongst some of the most experienced that you will find with;

  • Current and former college coaches on staff.

  • Current and former High School coaches on staff.

  • 8 Ohio South ODP coaches on staff.

  • United Soccer Coaches Instructors on staff.

  • US Soccer Instructors on staff.

  • Former professional players (USA and overseas) on staff.

  • Referee instructor on staff.

Coaches being updated on the Laws of the Game by a referee instructor.

In January 2019 CUSA took the majority of its coaches to the United Soccer Coaches Convention in Chicago, the world biggest coaching education convention.

We push our coaches to attain all the external education and qualifications they can to constantly improve the quality of the experience that their young players receive.

As well as external coaching education courses, CUSA runs its own in-house field and classroom sessions to maintain the quality of its coaching staff, because remember Great Coaching equals Great Players.

As part of this we constantly engage our coaches in videos of game analysis, or sessions from famous coaches running sessions.

We also subscribe to several soccer analysis magazines which we distribute to our coaches.
It speaks volumes about ourcoaches how dedicated they are to their craft. Always learning.

CUSA has access to La Liga coaching courses, the best league in the world

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