CUSA Futsal Fridays

This year Futsal was included in club fees and will be run as a CUSA players only program.

The benefits of Futsal are well known worldwide for developing fantastic composure on the ball in the tightest of spaces.

World Greats like Neymar and Ronaldinho are big proponents of Futsal with it being said that until the age of 13, Ronaldinho had never stepped foot on a regular soccer field, instead opting to focus purely on Futsal.

Location and Times

Futsal will take place on Friday nights, from 5-10pm, at South Metro Sports Facility, 10561 Success Lane, Dayton, OH 45458, on the following Fridays;

  • Friday, November 9th

  • Friday, November 16th

  • Friday, November 30th

  • Friday, December 7th

  • Friday, December 14th

  • Friday, December 21st

  • Friday, January 4th

  • Friday, January 11th

  • Friday, January 18th

  • Friday, January 25th

  • Friday, February 1st

  • Friday, February 8th

  • Friday, February 15th

  • Friday, February 22nd

  • Friday, March 1st

Futsal Friday will be divided up into the following time slots;

  • 5-6pm - U7/U8/U9 Boys & Girls

  • 6-7pm - U10/U11 Boys & Girls

  • 7-8pm - U12/U13 Boys & Girls

  • 8-9pm - U14/U15 Boys & Girls

  • 9-10pm - U16/U17/U18/U19 Boys & Girls

Futsal Fridays is a non-coached event.

With so much structured and formalised training available to the players throughout the year, the purpose of Futsal Friday is for the players to come out, maintain contact with the ball in a warm and dry environment over the winter, and have fun.

There will be CUSA coaches there to oversee the players from a health and safety perspective, but not to coach.

The players will be divided up upon arrival and put into teams (which will vary week by week depending on who shows up) and will play for the remainder of the one-hour session.

We anticipate high participation so players will be subbed in and out and rotated as necessary.

Coaches and Team Managers may be present at their own players sessions, in which case they can operate the substitutions.

Free-Play is the order of the day.

Players should wear their blue CUSA shirts, wear sneakers and bring water.

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