CUSA Contacts & Questions

For issues with program registration, please contact,

Renee Post, CUSA Registrar, [email protected]

For questions about our Youth Competitive Programs, including CUSA Cup, please contact

Steve Thomas, Director of Operations, [email protected]

Paddy King, Director of Coaching, [email protected]

Daniel Brandmeyer, Director of Recreational Programs, [email protected]

For general inquiries, you can send email to, CUSA Staff, [email protected] or 937-907-0987

When are Tryouts?

Please go to the tryouts page for up-to-date Tryout Schedule.


What are these CUSA Soccer "Elite" teams I have heard about?

Starting at age U13 (U11 for Fall of 2018) up to U19 CUSA Soccer forms Elite Teams in most age groups for boys and girls teams.


These Elite teams carry slightly larger rosters and play in multiple leagues each season, typically OSSL (Ohio South State League) and NPL (the National Premier League) Players are carded for both US Youth Soccer and US Club Soccer and play against the very top teams in Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Indiana.


With a heavier tranining and game schedule these teams incur slighly higher fees and higher travel expenses than our regular competitive teams, but also experience and compete at a level of play simply not seen at other area soccer clubs.


The best teams in these groups go on to regional and National playoffs. Starting in the Fall of 2018 "pre-NPL" will be extended to our U11 and U12 boys and girls teams.

When will CUSA Soccer hold its annual pre-season camp?

Please go to the summer training page for the up-to-date pre-season camp schedule.


Is CUSA Soccer is expensive, what are the fees for my child?

Our fees are similar to, or slightly less than, those found in other local recreational and competitive soccer clubs.


Please see our Fee Structure and Financial Policies page for complete details concerning the "one club fee" structure and more financial-related Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you provide financial assistance to families that can't afford your fees?

Yes, financial scholarships and other programs are available to families on a case-by-case basis to help a limited number of families in need.


To learn more, please see a summary of the financial assistance policy on the Fee Structure and Financial Policies.

Does CUSA Soccer only serve players local to Centerville?

No. CUSA Soccer has a long and proud history in Centerville, Ohio. By virtue of the geographic base of the Club, with its outstanding facilities provided in partnership with the Centerville-Washington Township Park District, CUSA Soccer will continue to be based out of Centerville and primarily serve local Centerville players.


It is anticipated that the majority of players, particularly in our grassroots recreatonal priogram will be residents of the city of Centerville or Washington Township. However, CUSA Soccer is an inclusive community organization and welcomes with open arms players from the greater Dayton area and beyond that wish to maximize their development by joining the Club.

What are CUSA Soccer's plans for the Youth Development Program (YDP)?

CUSA Soccer is expanding and improving what was previously known as the YDP Academy. For more information about this new program for children from ages 2-8, please see our Summer 2018 YDP page.


Will CUSA Soccer Youth Development Program (YDP) players participate in league play? Can my child "play up" in the U9 age group to participate in competitive leagues?

No, Youth Development Program teams will not participate in league play. The Ohio South Youth Soccer Association (OSYSA) forbids carding U7 and below players.


CUSA Youth Academy players U7 and younger cannot "play up" on U9 age group teams for the same reason. CUSA Youth Academy players will compete against each other and in friendly matches with other clubs that have Youth Academy teams.


However, when the Director of Coaching determines that a CUSA Youth Academy player is truly dominant in the U8 age group, for example, that player may be allowed to train and play with U9 age group teams to fully maximize their development.

Does CUSA Soccer have high school teams?

Yes, CUSA Soccer has a high school program with with both Elite and Competitive teams for boys and girls teams from U15 to U19 age groups.

What is the rule on 5 High School Players playing on the same select team?

The Ohio High School Athletic Association does not permit more than 5 members of one high school program to play together in that same sport outside of high school competition. The rule specifically applies to high school programs and not individual teams (varsity, JV, freshman). The purpose of this, in the opinion of the OHSAA, is to prevent school districts from creating year-round teams.

This is subdivided by age group. No more than 5 Centerville High School soccer players, for example, can play on the same U15 team. However, you can have 5 CHS players on the CUSA Soccer U15 NPL team and 5 more CHS players on the CUSA Soccer U15 Gold team.

It is possible for 15 Centerville residents to play on the same team, provided no more than 5 come from one high school. Consider you could have 5 CHS players, 5 Alter players and 5 players from Dayton Christian on the same team since this rule is attached to high schools and not communities.

Do trapped players count towards the allotted 5?

No, they do not. But, this is only for U15. Once that player gets into High School they count towards the 5 at U16 and above.

If a player does NOT play on the High School team does it still count as one of the 5?

No, it does not. The rule applies to those who play on High School soccer teams.

Will CUSA Soccer teams have a heavy travel schedule?

While most games are in the greater Dayton and Cincinnati area, CUSA Soccer's competitive teams will travel to some away games and tournaments, competing against top-ranked national and regional opponents.


We believe traveling and seeking out top competition is an important component of development that will help:

  • Build player self-confidence

  • Improve individual and team level of play

  • Team bonding

  • Encourage individual and team character

  • Strengthen CUSA Soccer player family community

  • Expose players to different styles of play and players

Is CUSA Soccer a club that believes in the philosophy that "winning is everything"?

While it is our desire to win every game we play, CUSA Soccer, with support from our Club parents, believe that as a club we are to foster, embrace and encourage an environment where personal character, sportsmanship, humility, personal responsibility, discipline, and integrity is prioritized above winning.

My child may miss a game, a practice, or cannot play on certain days of the week due to sports, religious activities, or school activities, etc. How will this be handled from both a coach and DOC perspective?

CUSA Soccer understands that from time to time there may be conflicts with practice and game schedules for numerous reasons. As an organization, we are flexible and will try and accommodate families as best we can. Please email a Director and it will be handled on a case by case basis.


How can I become more involved with the club?

To become more involved with CUSA Soccer, please contact Steve Thomas, CUSA Soccer Executive Director of Operations.

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