Highest Levels of Competition


US Youth Soccer Conferences

The US Youth Soccer Conferences make up the multi-state tier of the Leagues Program.


The network of 13 competitive Conferences operate at a multi-state level — providing high-level competition on a consistent basis at a targeted local level.


Teams in the top division (Premier I) of each Conference may have an opportunity to advance to the US Youth Soccer National League and the US Youth Soccer Regional Championships.


Ohio North & South UnifiedState League


The Ohio South State League (OSSL), in cooperation with Ohio North Youth Soccer Association, is excited to announce the inclusion of Ohio North teams to the league beginning Fall 2020.


OSSL’s structured and competitive environment for player development will become even stronger with the addition of the best teams from Ohio North. OSSL continues to provide teams the ability to qualify for higher levels of competition in the US Youth Soccer Great Lakes Conference and US Youth Soccer National League Showcase Series.


“Ohio South is excited to announce a unified State League with Ohio North,” said Ohio South Executive Director Gordon Henderson.


“This is an incredible opportunity for teams in Ohio to play in one of the strongest state leagues in the country and expand the competitive experience for many clubs and teams.”

With the incorporation of new teams, OSSL structure will be modified in the following ways:

  • Two divisions per age group and gender

  • Each age group divided into a Premier Division (top) and First Division (bottom)

  • 10 teams per division for U12-U14 age groups (20 total teams per age group)

  • 8 teams per division for U15-U18/19 age groups (16 teams total per age group)

  • All teams in OSSL are eligible for GLC placement

Great Lakes Conference

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Who can I contact if I have questions?

For further information please contact the age-group Director of Coaching;

2009 - 2012 (Academy) Director of Coaching - Rob Hoover, [email protected]

2007 - 2008 Director of Coaching - Dave Crowley, [email protected]

2005 - 2006 Director of Coaching - Matt Schmidt, [email protected]

2000 - 2004 (High School) Director of Coaching - Nick Kinder, [email protected]

CUSA Director of Coaching - Paddy King, [email protected]

Director of Goalkeeping - Graham Sachtleben, [email protected]

CUSA Director of Recreational Programs - Daniel Brandmeyer, [email protected]