CUSA Soccer

New CUSA Logo and Branding for the 2018-2019 season

Late last fall we learned, with many other Ohio soccer fans, of the uncertainty over the future location of the Columbus Crew and a potential move of that team to Austin, Texas. This created multiple potential problems for the CUSA organization as an affliate, not the least of which was that we are about to start a new player uniform cycle in the fall of 2018. Our members make a very large investment in player uniforms. If the Crew moves to Austin, we run the risk that players might have to buy new uniforms two years in a row. After considering this carefully, we concluded this was an unacceptable cost risk to our members, and we had no choice but to terminate our affliation agreement with the Crew and move forward independently. If the Crew organization ultimately remains in Columbus, we still have the option of running joint programs with them. However we will not be using their name, logo, or uniforms after the Spring of 2018. To be perfectly clear, we would have had to change and invest in new uniforms anyway, even if we had continued our affliation agreement.

In the wake of this decision to end this relationship, we needed to choose a new logo path going forward. The existing logo is, of course, tied to our Crew relationship, but it too has evolved in the last three years as they updated their logo to remove the men in hard hats and we dropped the "Juniors" from "Crew Juniors"

Consistency in logo design and use over time is a key part of maintaining and building brand identity for any business, so the first choice we made was to review previous CUSA logo branding.

This logo was utilized by CUSA for many years prior to the Crew relationship, and is featured permanently in the turf at Magsig after a considerable investment on our part. After some internal discussions we decided we wanted to maintain as much of the characteristics of this old logo as we could to recapture the historical branding rather than design something new from the ground up. At the same time we wanted to make some small adjustments to this logo in order to;

  1. Eliminate the full "Centerville United Soccer Association" wording in acknowledgement that CUSA today serves a much broader market.
  2. Update the font used on "CUSA" to something a little less dated
  3. Make the colors slightly stronger and bolder
  4. Introduce a design element that referred back to our historical roots in 1973, the year we started.

‚ÄčThose minor tweaks still maintain the look and feel of the original logo, keeping historical branding consistency intact, while refreshing the look and adding a "hook" to our roots

The New "old" CUSA logo

As you can see we have deepened the logo colors which ran closer to pastels in the old logo, and used a more traditional, and modern looking, font for "CUSA". In addition we have made a subtle change in "motion tail" streaming out to the left behind the ball. There are now exactly seven forward facing white points in this tail, pointed toward the three stars in the ball, and standing for 1973, the year we began.