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CUSA has hired a new Director of Coaching

After the most comprehensive and exhaustive nation-wide coaching search CUSA has ever conducted, CUSA is pleased to announce that Patrick "Paddy" King will be our new Director of Coaching.

Over 100 coaching candidates were interested in the job from all over the country. CUSA engaged an outside industry expert to help interview and screen over 100 candidates across the country. Just over twenty candidates, including 4 internal ones, reached the interview stage and a dozen individuals on our Executive Board and Coaching staff were involved in the subsequent rounds of interviewing and evaluation.

We have worked very hard the past few years to create a much stronger, more vibrant, and more competitive organization. Clearly the local soccer community is noticing and appreciating those efforts as our player numbers are now growing at over 20% per year. The coaching community has also noticed these positive changes and we had an outstanding pool of applicants. In fact, we had several candidates whose backgrounds and experience exceeded any we had EVER seen in prior CUSA DOCs. CUSA has come a long way in the past few years and we took extra care to try to make sure we found the best candidate to build on this recent success and take us to the next level. We turned away some external candidates with amazing resumes because we believed they would not be the best fit with the CUSA culture.

In the end one candidate emerged who we believe has the perfect combination of deep knowledge of the game, what it takes to develop both players and coaches, practical experience in running and building youth soccer clubs and programs, and demonstrated strength in communicating with parents, players and coaches.

Paddy King has 20 years of experience coaching youth soccer. He has coached teams and clubs in England, Japan and the United States. He has earned multiple high level coaching licenses on three continents. Most recently, after spending a few years with the New York Red Bulls organization he moved out to Phoenix to bring new energy to a club a little larger than CUSA. In just two years he helped them significantly raise their competitive program player numbers while simultaneously growing their recreational program to the point it has become the largest in Arizona. He accomplished those things by focusing on educating and developing better coaches, who in turn developed better players and teams. He also developed and executed extensive community outreach and marketing programs to reach more people and tell them about their program.

Paddy is not just a great soccer coach, he is also a lawyer who happens to have graduated at the top of his class from one of the highest rated law schools in London. After several years with the largest law firm in Southwest England and a stint building a extremely successful insurance brokerage firm from scratch, he realized his true passion was coaching soccer. He has done so ever since.

You don't have to take our word that Paddy knows what he is doing and is a great coach. You can read one of his books on coaching.

Expansive Football. A Game Model: Positional Play based Game Model for Coaches

If you have an Amazon Kindle and an Amazon Prime account you may also be able read it for free with Kindle Unlimited.

With his extensive and diverse background and talent we feel CUSA is extremely fortunate to have hired Paddy as our new DOC. He is impressed enough with the CUSA organization and excited enough about our potential to grow and thrive to make the major commitment to pick up and move his wife and his two young children from Phoenix to Dayton.

"I'm extremely excited and pleased to come to CUSA and work with their excellent coaching and administrative staff, players and parents to further build the CUSA program from the solid foundation that is currently in place." - Paddy King

"I recently read and made extensive notes in his Game Model coaching book. I like his approach to the game which is very similar to my own philosophy. I think Paddy will be a great addition to CUSA and I am very excited about working with him to build the club." - CUSA Coach Grant Knight

"I'm extremely excited to work alongside Paddy King. l look forward to learn from another great soccer minded professional while continuing the focus on player development throughout CUSA's competitive and recreational programs. I have been coaching with CUSA for many years and have been honored to make an impact in children's lives, meet outstanding families and work alongside many great leaders. For me personally, this is another opportunity to embrace change and continue to assist young athletes to expand their soccer minds while making a positive impact on children's futures on and off the pitch. Paddy brings the knowledge and passion to our already growing and established organization." - CUSA ADOC Dave Crowley

"This has been a very detailed and exhaustive process involving many, many people and a collection of great candidates. But I always felt we need to spend the time to do this right and not just pick the first good candidate that came along. Our DOC will help set the tone, cadence and aspirations of the club and it's players for many years to come. I couldn't be more pleased and excited that Paddy is joining CUSA. - Steve Thomas Executive Director

"Paddy brings a lot of knowledge and experience to CUSA. He is a great choice to be the DOC of our club, and I'm excited to watch us continue to grow under his leadership." - CUSA ADOC Nick Kinder

"Having worked extensively with CUSA during our five year affiliation program I was pleased to assist the CUSA leadership team in the evaluation of potential DOC candidates. Not only was Paddy King my first choice for the open position, but I would not have hesitated to hire him to run the Columbus Crew youth program" - Jeremy Parking - former Senior VP of Player Development, Columbus Crew

"I'm excited about the announcement of Paddy King! He brings a wealth of knowledge, leadership experience, and an extensive soccer background and I believe he will continue leading CUSA Soccer in the right direction. Looking forward to the future of CUSA Soccer with our new DOC Paddy King!" - CUSA ADOC Shane Smith

"I was extremely impressed, not only by Paddy's comprehensive knowledge of the game, but his understanding of the dynamics and challenges of youth soccer clubs. We are very lucky to have found someone of his caliber" - Mike Bozzo - VP of the CUSA Executive Board

"Paddy has a very diverse background of experience with various club levels which will help continue CUSA's path forward." - CUSA ADOC Matt Schmidt

"I was very impressed with Paddy's ideas and knowledge of how to expand and grow not only competitive, but also Recreational Soccer Programs. He will be a huge asset to CUSA and help us reach and impact many more members of our community" - Dan Brandmeyer - Director of CUSA Recreational Programs

"I've been involved in the hiring of every CUSA DOC for the past twenty years and I've never seen such a fine group of final candidates. While anyone of the final candidates would significantly "raise the bar" Paddy was my first choice to lead this organization to a higher level. - Dean Burgess, President CUSA Executive Board

We hope that you will all help us embrace Paddy as he and his family come to town and we all work together to make the CUSA Soccer organization the very best it can be.

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