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Referee Training - Grade 8 Classes Available

So, you want to be a referee?


Soccer is a global sport and its rules must be interpreted and applied with absolute consistency wherever the game is played. FIFA therefore has a policy of ongoing training for its referees to ensure that refereeing standards continue to improve and the Laws of the Game are applied the same way everywhere.

As a member of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and US Youth Soccer (USYS), CUSA shares this commitment to excellence and has decided to hold classes using USSF Certified Instructors and Curriculum, providing a lifelong path for new referees to grow their skills beyond our local soccer fields. We are also committed to using USSF Certified Referees for all of our Recreational Games to ensure that our players are treated fairly and consistently according to the Laws of the Game set forth by The International Football Association Board (IFAB).

Although we are working with the Ohio South State Referee Committee (OSSRC) to bring the USSF Grade 9 - Recreational Youth Referee class and certification back to the Dayton area, we are not able to hold these classes yet. In the meantime, persons who are at least 16 years old may choose to certify for the first time as a Grade 8 Referee. Grade 8 Referees are eligible to officiate all levels of youth soccer in the state, including premier leagues. The Grade 8 class expands upon the content covered in the Grade 9 class and provides a more detailed understanding of the Laws of the Game.

Once a referee is an adult, they can choose to upgrade to a Grade 7 - Amateur Adult Referee. Grade 7 referees are authorized to officiate adult amateur matches as well as youth matches.

If you would like to sign up for the Entry Level USSF Grade 8 Competitive Youth Referee classes, please visit the
Ohio South State Referee Committee (OSSRC) website.
If you would like more information on when the new USSF Grade 9 Recreational Youth Referee classes will be offered,
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