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Great Coaching equals Great Players

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CUSA is the premier soccer club in the Dayton area and very proud of this fact.

We have a long history of developing players and winning competitions and we would love to share with you a little bit more about what we do.

What might be of particular interest a parent trying to make a decision on a new soccer club, is our CUSA DNA which we think sets us apart quite nicely from other clubs in the area and, indeed, the country. 

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CUSA Academy Little Legends (U3-U6)

Here, players develop nothing more than an affinity and love of the ball and the game of soccer itself.

It is the very first step that a young child will take into the world of soccer.

The commitment is low, the price inexpensive and the emphasis on fun. Practice is once per week with scrimmages at the end of each session.

CUSA Academy Select (U7-U10)

CUSA Academy Select is the next step and is for players that are a little stronger than the majority of other young children around them, and who desire to be challenged more whilst still keeping the emphasis on fun.

Practice is 2-3 times per week, depending upon the exact age group, with games on the weekend.

CUSA Academy Select Players are amenable to the benefits of the club as a whole which, included in the fees, are: 2-3 practices per week with a professional and licensed coach, games and tournaments on the weekend, 3v3 pick up on Friday nights in the spring and fall with indoor futsal pick up during the winter months, juggle club with prizes.

CUSA Academy plays in higher leagues than all the other local Dayton Ohio Academy and Juniors programs because we are part of the Cincinnati Soccer Market which is important in terms of the development of strong players.

CUSA Youth (U11-14)

CUSA’s Youth Program follows on seamlessly from our CUSA Academy Select Program where players now play in the 9v9 and 11v11 format.

They train 3 times per week and have full year-round training with the summer off.

In winter they play under the floodlights at Magsig Middle School Turf and have Futsal also available to them in the winter.

Teams in this age group typically play in the highest leagues and tournaments available, ranging from Great Lakes Conference (GLC), State League and Buckeye Leagues.

CUSA High School (U15-19)

CUSA’s High School Program follows on seamlessly from the Youth Program and now provides our gifted athletes with an opportunity to demonstrate what they have been taught during the previous years.

The High School Program also has year-round training available with winter training being at Magsig under the floodlights, indoor Futsal and training 3 times per week.

FC Cincinnati Professional Major League Soccer Academy

FC Cincinnati is the highest level of play available in the US today and is a Major League Soccer Club (MLS).

Through our partnership with them we have special access to allow our players and our coaches to experience that next level of soccer and if players are deemed good enough, they can be sent for tryouts with FCC which is the only route into the professional game for a player in the US.


CUSA Program Offerings: