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Why CUSA Academy Select Program?

As a discerning parent, you are free to place your young child into any club environment.

Here are a few reasons why we believe your child’s soccer development is better served with CUSA:

  • Level of Play

CUSA is fortunate that it is the only club in the Dayton area that can place its Academy teams into the Cincinnati League Systems.

Dayton is a smaller and less developed soccer market where the levels of competition are not as high as those in the Cincinnati soccer market.

What this means is that CUSA is invited to play in the stronger of the two soccer markets, so our players experience higher and more advance levels of play than other local Dayton Ohio clubs, who are restricted to playing in the Dayton market.

Why is this important?

Because in order to gain entry into the State Leagues, Great Lake Conference Leagues and National Leagues (the highest levels of play available to club teams) at U12 and up, teams must have performed well against the bigger and stronger clubs previously, a form of soccer resume if you will, and those teams, with the inclusion of CUSA, are those located in the Cincinnati market.

If a team does not gain entry to the State League early on, then it cannot gain entry to the Great Lakes Conference Leagues the following year.


This means that these teams can essentially ‘graduate out’ of a club at U18/19 before ever having progressed as far as they could have done when compared to starting in CUSA’s Academy at the younger age groups.

Basically, stronger clubs are rewarded with higher levels of competition EARLIER than other clubs, so players have longer to prepare for college and high school, having played against the highest levels of players already.

This doesn’t stop at league play.

When applying for tournaments or college showcases at U15 and up, these showcases will not entertain teams that are not ranked highly and not in the higher divisions of the aforementioned leagues.

Furthermore, even if teams are admitted, they will be placed in lower brackets if they are not currently playing and competing in these higher leagues.

Moral of the story? Start thinking about these things early.

What is more important to you as a parent and your child as a player: cookies and fruit snacks after practice and a ‘cool-looking mascot’ or being taught correctly to play and compete at the higher levels?

The club experience should not be ‘rec plus’ it should be a full emersion into a learning environment with everything designed to improve your young child and provide them with the best experience possible.

  • Pathway

Once players have graduated out of our CUSA Academy Little Legends Program, CUSA continues our commitment to them by providing outstanding opportunities to develop at a higher and more competitive level in our CUSA Academy Select Program.

Our CUSA Academy Select Program is by far the best in the area with players traveling from far and wide for a chance to train and play with the CUSA Academy Select Program.

For those young players seeking the advantages found in a competitive atmosphere, our CUSA Academy Select Program offers such chances, beginning with the U7 age group (even U6 if the player shows the ability to mix with older age groups).

The CUSA Academy Select Program is for players who need a more rigorous schedule and competitive playing environment than can be traditionally offered in recreational soccer.

  • Format


Teams will play 5v5 (U7 & U8) plus games and 7v7 (U9 & U10) 4 competitive tournaments & 1 competitive league against all the strong local clubs in the Cincinnati Market.


  • Methodology

The CUSA Academy Select Program will primarily focus on technical & tactical development of a player within a frame work of small-sided games and activities that have problem solving and decision making (tactical) components to them, all whilst growing their passion for the game.


Our methodology can be viewed here.

All CUSA Academy Select Program teams are coached by professional and licensed coaches with a deep understand of the game, with an Elite Level Trainer (ELT) provided once per week.

As part of our year-round training and programming and CUSA offers;

  • Two to three times per week training in Spring & Fall.

  •  Twice per week training in Winter on turf under floodlights.

  • Indoor Futsal sessions once per week during the winter for 10 weeks.

CUSA Academy Select



Bradley Schluter Director of Coaching U11-19            Nick Kinder Director of Coaching U11-19


      Grant Knight Director of Coaching Methodology                    Paddy King Executive Director

As part of our commitment to our players and by virtue of being the only Players 1st Club in the Dayton area, we endeavor to provide the very best training environment for the players in our care.

To this effect we provide each team with a trainer once a week as part of their weekly training schedule. 

The above four Elite Level Trainers (ELT), Bradley Schluter, Nick Kinder, Grant Knight and Paddy King provide pound for pound the highest quality coaching you will find in the state of Ohio and certainly in the Dayton area and they will help take your young player's development and love of soccer to the next level, and beyond. 


If you are in the Dayton area, and beyond, CUSA is the best club to be at and will provide your player with the best training available in state.

Coach Rob Hoover is the Director of CUSA Academy and, if you have a young player in soccer, then you've probably heard of him. He's a bit of a local celebrity himself being a huge part of the attraction of Academy players to CUSA.

We also have another secret weapon on staff in the form of our Assistant Director of Coaching for the Academy, Cara Hughes who is a very well known local coach and teacher and part of the Olympic Development Program (ODP) staff.

Please come out and train with us to get a feel of what we are about. We can promise you this though, once you train with us, and see how fantastic our coaches are, you won't want to go anywhere else.

Please register here for Tryouts or email for more information.

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Futbol Fridays

Starting Fridays:


  • 3v3 format (teams are randomly selected each night by staff according to skill level).

  • Ages U7 to U10 Boys and Girls. 

  • Open to friends of CUSA players (no club restrictions, all welcome).

  • No coaching, just open play which provides the players with a chance to get lots of touches and work on decision making in pressure situations.

  • Players will switch fields every 15 minutes, ensuring multiple games played each night.

Why Play 3v3?

With fewer players on the field, each player has more opportunities to touch the ball, using and improving their soccer skills. Small-sided games can develop your player’s decision-making, technical attributes, tactical knowledge and physical conditioning through functional movements. Small-sided soccer is FUN and allows more opportunities to score. Scoring can increase self-esteem, character development and team chemistry!

Benefits of playing 3v3

  • More touches on the ball

  • Increased number of game related decision-making opportunities

  • Constant transition from attacking to defensive situations

  • Increased 1 vs. 1 encounters in both attacking and defending situations

  • Increased opportunities to utilize specific ball skills

  • Increased opportunity to be in a goal scoring position

  • Increased opportunities to be in a 2 vs. 1 attacking and defending situation

For the Schedule, please check the Academy 3v3 Tab on the Schedule Spreadsheet.