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CUSA Access

Providing Soccer to All

CUSA is committed to building a culture of excellence, through everything we do.
We want to build Champions on and off the pitch and contribute to the community in everything that we do.

CUSA believes that soccer provides an incredible avenue through which we can positively impact the lives of members of our local community and of the Greater Dayton Area.


Winning off of the Pitch

All too often, 'winning' and 'success' are terms understood to mean trophies, tournaments, and results.

CUSA's club culture is one that takes a much more wholistic view of 'winning.'

This means not only soccer related skills should be taught, but an integrated approach of leadership training and character should also be included.

Character is a key tenet of a CUSA player.

We think Great Coaches will develop Great Players in the fullest sense.

For CUSA, that is winning.

"Winning off the Pitch"

CUSA understands that winning off the pitch goes beyond wins and losses and includes being a positive presence in the local community.

The CUSA Family has been around for 45 years and our desire is to serve the next generation through soccer, for at least the next 45.

By serving the Greater Dayton community through free soccer clinics, school visits, park parties,festivals, and volunteer projects and scholarships we are connecting with our local neighborhoods and sharing in their stories and our dreams.

We want to champion those positive stories in our community and celebrate our local heroes.
For those living in under resourced communities, something as simple as playing soccer with friends, is not always an option.

We have known for decades that the benefits of sports can positively influence and develop the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of the athlete.

CUSA's mission is to make these benefits accessible to all.

How we intend to do this is through our CUSA Access Program.


Want to Help?

CUSA Access is a program that looks for innovative ways to extend opportunities to young children to play within CUSA via corporate sponsorships and our existing CUSA family support network.

In order to deliver the best experience and most opportunities possible for all youth in our community, CUSA believes it takes community wide collaboration.

By connecting and serving our communities, CUSA will strive to instill a passion for soccer, respect for our collective 'neighborhoods', and all elements of sportsmanship including integrity, high moral character and leadership to drive progressive growth in our sport and student athletes, all whilst providing opportunities to play soccer for those who, otherwise, wouldn't have them.

We can't do this on our own.

Ready to Get Involved?

Let us know how you can help support young players in the Greater Dayton Area.

Donate, volunteer, or Sponsor.


Our programs survive on individual, foundation, and grant support. Consider providing a monetary donation to the CUSA Outreach effort so that others may play.


Want to help out? Send us an email to let us know if you are available for any of our 2019 events.


If you are able to sponsor CUSA Outreach, or know anyone who can, then please get in touch.