CUSA Fees 2021/2022


Competitive Programs

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Elite Programs

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This Season, CUSA will be doing the following;

Competitive Teams (Gold & Black) will:

  • Apply to the new combined Ohio North and South State League.

  • Play in one league and compete in four tournaments.

  • If teams are not accepted into the new State League, then they will compete in the highest levels of the Buckeye Leagues instead.

The youngest competitive teams (Academy) will participate in local leagues and festival style tournaments with no overnight stays required. 

Elite Teams will:

  • GLC Teams will endeavor to minimize travel by playing at mutually agreed sites, half way between each club, providing the opportunity for less overnight stays. They will now play in the combined Ohio North and South State League. This new league replaces the Ohio South State League (OSSL) and is an amazing opportunity to maintain the exceptionally high calibre of competitions that teams receive from participation in this league whilst extending it to include the top teams from Ohio North. GLC Teams, as well as playing in the GLC League and the Ohio North and South State League, will also compete in four tournaments and/or College Showcases.

  • Elite Teams will apply to play in the combined Ohio North and South State League and will compete in six tournaments and/or College Showcases. If they are not accepted into the new combined Ohio North and South State League, then they will participate in the highest levels of the Buckeye Leagues until such time as they are accepted into the new State League. 

  • Competitive Teams (Gold/Black) will participate in the Buckeye Leagues and play in four tournaments, with the ambition of winning promotion into the combined Ohio North and South State Leagues.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CUSA "one club fee" and why do we have it?

The "one club fee" is an all-inclusive single player fee that covers costs for the entire calendar year to include soccer programming in summer, fall, winter and spring.

What specifically is included in the "one club fee"?


The full-time professional soccer staff who are focused on driving an innovative and effective development program:

  • Executive Director, Paddy King

  • Director of Coaching (U6 to U10), Rob Hoover

  • Director of Coaching (U11 to U19), Bradley Schluter

  • Director of Coaching (U11 to U19), Nick Kinder

  • Director of Goalkeeping Graham Sachtleben

  • Director of Methodology, Grant Knight

  • Registrar Renee Post

  • CUSA's Accountant Jennifer

  • Professional Head Coach for each team and Trainers implementing the highly respected CUSA curriculum.

  • Techne - Individual Training App for players to compete against each other using individual skills from home, players compete against each other in league tables to win prizes nationally and internationally (

  • Try-outs

  • All league costs for fall and spring (some teams will compete in two leagues)

  • All U7-U19 (eight grade) players will have two to three training sessions per week

  • Goalkeeper Training two-three times per week

  • 4-6 tournaments per year (depending upon level of play)

  • All Coaches Travel and accommodation fees and expenses

  • Indoor Winter Training (Free Play Futsal)

  • November through March Winter outdoor turf facilities (two to three times per week).

  • Pre-season Friendlies

  • Overhead costs associated with running the club (legal, accounting and administrative)


Elite Team program fees cover the following additional expenses:

  • Dual carding expenses

  • Additional League fees and referee fees

  • Additional Coaching expenses for higher licensed, more experienced coaches

  • Additional Coach travel expenses for the multiple league games


What isn't included in the "one club fee"?

  • Uniforms

  • Optional warm-ups or other CUSA spirit wear

  • Optional camps and clinics

  • Off-season indoor leagues (e.g. Wall-2-Wall)


How does the "one club fee" compare to fees charged by other local clubs?

The CUSA "one club fee" is on par with, or in most cases significantly less than, the aggregated fees required to play for the other local competitive soccer clubs.


Many clubs misrepresent the actual cost to play and will NOT include things like Futsal or coach's travel and accommodation in their 'online prices'.

Also it is common for clubs to omit the fact that their winter training consists of only 6 weeks of indoor training whereas at CUSA our Winter training is from November to March 25th at Magsig turf field as well as additional indoor space. 

Will my team have a professional coach for the season?

Your team will have a professional head coach.


Is my player limited to the one CUSA team for the whole year?


No. Tryouts are an art, not a science.


Players develop at different rates to one another and it is impossible to predict future performance based on past behavior.


Because of this, players 'sign' to CUSA itself and not an individual team (even though they are registered to a particular team).


This gives CUSA, players and parents much more flexibility when deciding the best fit for the young player.


By way of an example, a player who showed poorly at tryouts may be offered a spot on a certain team.


2 months later this young player might be absolutely flying and, upon discussions with coaches, parents and players, as well as reference to the mid-year Player Evaluation, it might be suggested that the player be moved up a team.


Equally, a player might be struggling at a higher level and again after consultation and a mid-season Player Evaluation, it might be decided that the best fit for the player is to be moved to a team that is more in alignment with their abilities, needs and desires.

Do you have policies that cover payment plans, discounts, refunds and financial assistance?

Yes, please see below for a summary of these policies.

Fee Payment Policy


Players may elect to pay their fees in full at the time of registration or at any time prior to the start of the season, or through a payment plan.


Ohio Soccer mandates that we use Demosphere as our registration and processing system. They carry credit card vendor fees. 


If you chose a payment plan, we pass on a small % of the player fees to cover our costs and man-hours to set up and process these payment or installment plans.


  • If you pay your fees in full, you are amenable to a 3.2% fee plus $1.

  • If you spread your fees out over a payment or installment plan, you are subject to a 3.2% fee plus $6 per transaction to cover the processing costs.


Note: Team assignment offers will typically be made within 48 hours of the last try-out date for each age group. We ask that each player accept or decline a team assignment offer within 48 hours of it being made so that the club can quickly make any necessary adjustments and finalize team rosters.

Refund Policy

Upon accepting an offer to join a CUSA team, it's expected that a player is committing for the full year.


Once rosters are set, each team, and therefore CUSA, is subject to certain expenses that cannot be recouped should a player later withdraw from the team.


As such, leaving the team can negatively impact the remaining players both financially and competitively.


Players and families are expected to give serious consideration to this commitment before accepting an offer.

Once a player has accepted an offer and paid the deposit, there will be no refund issued.


Any decision made to return a portion of fees paid will not include possible multiple processing fees.

If any fees are refunded, they will not be processed until the month of June at the end of the current season.


Financial Assistance Policy


CUSA make every effort to assist families with significant financial hardship so that their child can continue to play soccer.


A limited number of scholarships are awarded annually and they tend to be partial scholarships in exchange for volunteer service back to the club.


In order to be considered for a scholarship, an application must be completed and returned after accepting placement on a team, registering and paying the deposit.


To apply for a scholarship, please provide a detailed explanation of the reasons for your request (one form for each player) with supporting documentation that clearly demonstrates the need (e.g., W-2 or tax returns).


All submissions will be reviewed by the Director of Operations in conjunction with the Club financial staff.


As part of the evaluation process, a request may be made for additional supporting information and documentation.


The scholarship process is confidential. Scholarship requests must be received by July 1st for consideration for the upcoming season.


Click here for Scholarship Application.

Click here to submit your application.


Late/Delinquent Payment Policy

Every effort will be made to keep players on the field; however, in those cases where a family has not honored the standard fee payment plan, or a modified fee payment plan developed as part of a financial assistance package, the following procedures will apply:


  • Late payments will be subject to a $25 re-processing fee every time payment is late inclusive of the 2nd late payment onwards. 

  • Returned Checks will result in an additional $30 fee per returned item.