CUSA Tryout Registration​


Tryout registration is open. 

Tryouts in Ohio are taking a different form this year.

Players must register for tryouts in order to receive an offer from CUSA.

Even if you are already a CUSA player you must register above in order to be eligible to receive an offer for the 2021 season.

On May 26th, CUSA are permitted, and will do so, to offer current existing CUSA players, spots on a CUSA team for the 2021 season.


If you are a player from outside of CUSA but are not currently registered to an Ohio South Competitive club, then you may also receive an offer on May 26th. 

On May 29th CUSA may offer spots for the 2021 season to ANY player regardless of what club, if any, they are currently registered with.

Q: Why are the tryout procedures being changed?

A: Given the current Ohio Department of Health restrictions on Mass Gatherings, the Ohio South BOD wanted to develop tryout protocols that will permit clubs, teams, players, and parents a process for moving forward towards the 2020-2021 season.


Q: What happens if the Ohio Department of Health loosens their restrictions on Mass Gatherings and clubs are permitted to hold physical tryouts? Do the new recommendations still apply?


A: Should the Ohio Department of Health loosen their restrictions on Mass Gatherings to the point that clubs are permitted to physically host tryouts, the Ohio South BOD’s will review its tryout recommendations and amend accordingly.  


If you have any questions please contact the relevant Age Group Director, below, to arrange a time to come out and train with us:

U7-U10 (Academy) Rob Hoover:

U11-U19 Director, Nick Kinder:

U11-U19 Director, 

Goalkeeping Director, Graham Sachtleben:

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Extremely successful Winter Tryouts

If you couldn't make the Supplemental Tryout dates, don't worry we would love to invite you in to train with us in our extended Supplemental Tryout Period, October to April.


Please register above (for free) and then email the appropriate Age Group Director with your;

  • Player's full name

  • Player's birth year

  • Player's gender

  • Player's current level

U7-U10 (Academy) Rob Hoover:

U11-U19 Director, Nick Kinder:

U11-U19 Director, 

Goalkeeping Director, Graham Sachtleben:

CUSA has everything you need from a soccer club, providing year-round opportunities for players from 2 years old through to adulthood.

Winter Tryouts will be held on the turf field at Magsig Middle School, Legacy Field, located at 192 West Franklin Street, Dayton OH, 45459.

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Over the Winter, you are invited to come and check us out by training with the appropriate team in your age group during the Winter and early Spring period.

We think that once you experience training from our high level and extremely qualified coaches, you'll want to become part of the CUSA family.

With both recreational and competitive programs, CUSA is committed to player growth through developing technical ability, tactical awareness and problem solving skills, all whilst having fun.

As members of the Great Lakes Conference (GLC) CUSA players have access to some of the highest levels of competition in the United States and CUSA provides all of its competitive teams with highly experienced, paid, professional and licensed coaches.

To this end, CUSA is so committed to providing your player with the best coaching available, we have Soccer book-authors, college coaches, high school coaches, Masters of Soccer Coaching holders and A-licensed coaches on staff. Quite simply you do not get this at other Dayton clubs, so if the development and improvement of your player is the most important thing, CUSA is really the only choice for you.

At CUSA we offer year-round programming, including indoor, outdoor grass and outdoor turf facilities.

CUSA Annual Highlights

As part of our year-round training and programming and CUSA offers;

  • 3 times per week training in Spring & Fall

  • 2-3 times per week training in Winter on turf under floodlights

  • 1-2 times per week indoor Winter Training

  • Dedicated Goal Keeper Development Program

  • Indoor Futsal sessions once per week during the winter

  • Minimum of 4 high quality tournaments

  • Detailed Player Assessments and Feedback

  • A Seasonal Individual Player Development Plan (IDP)

  • An club-wide expansive Game Model

  • A 'stair step' Player Development Syllabus

  • Seasonal, Age-Appropriate Curriculum

  • Expertly written Session Plans

  • Summer Camps and Clinics

  • Goalkeeper Camps

  • Pre-Season Camp

  • Soccer Olympics

  • CUSA CUP (CUSA's own tournament)

  • Disney Tournament for some Top Teams


Tryout Frequently Asked Questions

What should my player bring to tryouts?

Please bring a soccer ball, a water bottle, shin guards, and soccer cleats.

How long do I have to decide if I want to accept a roster spot?

For Summer tryouts, we would expect acceptances the same night otherwise we will have to offer spots to other players.

For Winter tryouts, as teams are already formed, this is a more relaxed process with a week or two being the norm. 

Are teams already preselected?

Tryouts are open and each player is given the chance to make the most appropriate team.

Will my team have a professional or parent coach for the season?

Your team will have professional trainers and a professional head coach.

What will happen after tryouts?

for Summer Tryouts, you will likely receive an offer the first or second night which you will be expected to accept or decline that night. Based upon this decision you will receive paperwork and begin the registration process. 

For Winter Tryouts, the club may invite your child to train with a specific team during the following weeks to properly observe them, from there a decision will be made and you will be notified by the Age Group Director of Coaching.

Who can I contact if I have other questions?

For further information please contact the age-group Director of Coaching;

U7-U10 (Academy) Rob Hoover:

U11-U19 Director, Nick Kinder:

U11-U19 Director, 

Goalkeeping Director, Graham Sachtleben: