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CUSA Winter Training

Winter training for our competitive teams begins the week of November 13th, 2018

Click Here for the Winter training schedule.

Winter training will be conducted on:

  • Outdoors on the turf at Magsig (Alumni Stadium/Legacy Field) From November to April.

  • Indoors at South Metro Sports for Futsal Fridays

Magsig/Legacy Field is located at 192 West Franklin Street; Centerville, Ohio 45459

South Metro Sports is located at 10561 Success Lane Centerville OH 45458

We have been working very hard on maximizing our programming for all players across the club to provide them with as many opportunities to stay in contact with the ball as possible over the winter period.

Fall Training

The last day of Fall season will be the last Thursday of October unless YOUR COACH extends practices.

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Weather Policy and Locations

Many different governing bodies suggest many different temperatures for the lower limit of outdoor training and these are subject to change from State to State.

So lets simplify this:

CUSA will determine weather or not, in our opinion, it is desirable to train out doors in the cold weather and communicate directly with the parents if we believe it is not.

We use weather apps as well as visiting our training location in person.

Until you hear from us please assume training is on.

We try to make the call as early as possible to allow parents and players to plan their evening.

If, in the intervening time period between starting training at 5pm, there are minor changes in weather, then this does not necessarily mean that practice will be cancelled last minute.

If significant weather changes happen, then parents will be notified as soon as the decision has been made.

Parents will be made aware before coaches, so please refrain from contacting the coach for information on this matter.

The decision of whether or not to travel to and from training is down to the family and no responsibility or liability can be taken by CUSA when driving or moving around parking lots in less than idea conditions.

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