FC Cincinnati

CUSA is delighted to become an FC Cincinnati Partner Club

CUSA can now offer all of its young players the opportunity to play from U3 to the professional level if they have what it takes.

Through our partnership with FC Cincinnati and our membership of their Discovery Program, we have the ability to put our players into an MLS professional environment if they are the right fit for FC Cincinnati and exhibit the right qualities in terms of playing ability and mental attitude.

CUSA's Game Model, Training Methodology and Playing Philosophy are aligned with that of FC Cincinnati, comprising of Rondos, Positional Play Games and the desire to create the '10+' Player.

CUSA recently placed one of our 2009 Elite Boys, Oli Tucker, into the FC Cincinnati MLS Academy, listen to what he has to say about CUSA and FC Cincinnati below.

Oli Tucker & his family talking about CUSA & FC Cincinnati