CUSA GoalKeeper Program

Our dedicated Goalkeeper program is run by Director of Coaching, Graham Sachtleben who is the Head Goal Keeper Coach for D1 Wright State College. 

Please see his bio here.

Goalkeepers are the first line of offense and the last line of defense.

The position is often overlooked by coaches but, at CUSA, we know that goalkeepers are essential to any team.

Our Goalkeeper program provides goalkeepers with an elite training environment that is focused on allowing players to compete at the highest levels of the game.

We provide our goalkeepers with the elite level training, instruction and support that is needed to become a top-flight goalkeeper in the modern game.

Working with their feet, as well as their hands, is now more important than ever before, just take a look at Manuel Neuer for Bayern Munich or Ter Stegen at Barcelona.

All 4 pillars of the game are taught to the young goal keepers;

  • Technical

  • Tactical

  • Physical

  • Psycho-Social


Through hard work, expert guidance and repetition, it is expected that all of our goal keepers can go as far in the game as they are capable of.


One of CUSA's outstanding young Goal Keepers, Luke Wilson, in action Disney.


The program we run at CUSA is holistic in its approach.


Goal keepers are not just worked physically, but they are taken under the wings of our full-time goal keeping

director and staff and developed as people, not just as players.

The program strives to turn out not just sports people, but well-adjusted young individuals and as such the young players are treated with respect and as young adults.

We want our Goal Keeper program to be regarded as the best of its kind in the State of Ohio, the jewel in the crown of CUSA's programming. . 

The Goal Keeper Program is delivered across the club, through all ages from Academy to U18 but is separated out in an age-appropriate way.

How the Goal Keeping Program is broken down.

Academy Goal Keeping Program Overview

This is for all young players aged 6 to 10 years old and is a more relaxed environment than the older teams.


Here the emphasis is on participation and learning with fun and enjoyment always being at the heart of it.

The sessions run once per week for 60 minutes.

The players learn the FUNdamentals of goal keeper skills and tactics which prepares them extremely well for when they grow and make the jump to the older program.

Select Goal Keeper Program Overview

This is open to all players in the U11 to U19 range.

It will be run in a 60 minute format and will consist of 2-3 times per week for each player.

The sessions will be staggered to try to ensure that players can make a combination of their goal keeper and field training sessions.

These sessions will be of top quality and the highest level to push CUSA's Goal Keepers as far as they can go....and beyond.


Our Director of Goal Keeping Graham Sachtleben in action.

Please contact Graham on graham.sachtleben@cusasoccer.org for more information.